Mornings are the most important time of our day, we decide how our day is going to be, we may do this consciously or not, our first reaction is what marks the whole plan for the day if we wake irritable and tired we will remain that way all day, in fact, it will escalate and become much worse, not a good recipe for a promising day, we will be this way with ourselves, our colleagues our children and partner, with people in general and depending on what kind of a job you have, the outcome could be very bad for you, imagine arguing with your partner or family before you leave your home, all maybe because you have not slept enough, this is where the importance of sleep applies, if you have a tired child you know the performance you are going to go through, so imagine that in adult form and size, not a pretty site and certainly not a good way to start your day, because that initial squabble will stay with you all day, you will take it with you to work or your environment and other people will suffer the consequences, which you really should apologise for, but probably won’t …… your attitude is everything and this is what people feel who are around you, at times you do not need to speak, your body language tells it all, so how do we avoid this not so nice person, sleep is very important, we cannot lack in that area, when we sleep we restore ourselves within and wake in a distinct frame of mind, then if we lack sleep, always give yourself enough time to do what you know you need to accomplish, many people resent waking earlier, but it is for your own good, you and your loved one’s reap the benefits, give yourself the time you need, everyone is different in the morning and we all have our little rituals, if you jump out of bed late and rush around frantically you will have that racing feeling inside and you have already upset your time, plan your day, even down to what you will be wearing,( this is a great plus, particularly if you have to look after others in a morning also) you know how long you need for yourself, so give it to yourself you deserve it, to feel calm and collected to start your day, preparing coffee and breakfast feeling happy is a lovely feeling as apposed to feeling grumpy and not wanting to do it, you have to do it anyway, so do it in a happy manner, this is a gift for you, you will appreciate the feeling much more, with regards to your daily jobs whether you work in or out of the home, do the jobs that you dislike the most first, get them out of the way, you have more energy and your mind is alert, it has to be done, so get down to it as soon as you can, then when you approach your other obligations that you enjoy more, you can really enjoy what you are doing without any grudges or have something you dislike looming over you!

Remember that each day is a new opportunity in life for whatever you wish, so if yesterday was not what you had planned, don’t let it ruin tomorrow because you can’t let go of it, what has gone has gone, you can’t get it back, you can’t change it, so just try not to repeat it again, how you start your day defines how the rest of your day is going to be, we may have difficult jobs with difficult moments that we don’t enjoy so much, but, it is our job, so once it has been dealt with, let it go, never hold onto things that are going to bring you down, no matter what it is, you deserve to be happy and not spend your days in misery because of events or another person, start your day with joy and end it that way, remain calm and always remember that tomorrow is another day for all of us.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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