We are told that we are meant to have an amazing life, and many of you may be thinking, so what went wrong… we are supposed to have everything we want love, and desire, our life including our work is supposed to be exciting and obtain everything you put your mind to, including happy relationships with our families, our finances we should be living our dream…..but many of us don’t?

Do you feel good in the morning when you wake, do you get exciting about the day that is ahead of you, of course, you are going to face obstacles, and challenges along the way, this has to be, to allow us to grow and gain experience in life and learn how to overcome these situations, you are here to be who you want and have a truly amazing life, you are not supposed to be struggling, or feel depleted and have no energy or zest for life, on the contrary, all these wonderful things are possible for you when you realize that it is all closer to you than you think because the power you need for all this is inside of you and has always been there, it’s time to let the magic begin in your life, and this decision is down to you and you only….it can be achieved by you and your power, it was referred to by Alexander Graham Bell, “What this power is I cannot say, all I know is that it exists”

When we take a long hard look at life, we will discover how simple it really is, although you may not think so at the moment, life is simply made up of positive things and negative things, in every aspect of our life there is no exception, you either have or you don’t, if you feel that your life is ruled by negative things and events and very few positive one’s something is very wrong, you deserve better and you know that deep down, you need to use your power, even though people who you feel are fortunate in life, used the power and possibly did not even know, you need to use love, love is a very strong force in life and is essential it gives you the power to have all the positive and good things in life is love!

Love is very often misunderstood in today’s world, it is not just what you feel for your family friends, etc,., love is a positive force, it is not weak under any circumstances, love is the cause of everything positive and good in life, you have to remember that gravity and electromagnetics are invisible to our senses, but we cannot dispute their power, and love is exactly the same, it is invisible but very powerful, you have to understand that the whole world has love, without love there is no life. Imagine without love none of us would be here, so everything we know as life and our world would not be here, everything we see, feel hold emotions for has come from the love of someone’s heart, their passion has brought us many things through history we can see this, whatever you see that is a human creation has been achieved through love, otherwise, it would not be here for us to enjoy and love. If we take away love, our earth our life would be nonexistent.

So if you have this power over your life, why is your life not amazing, the answer is because you have a choice to use your love in a positive force or not, again positive or negative, you have always made this choice but maybe never realized, when you did have good positive experiences in your life you used positive loves force, and when you didn’t you lacked that love and had a negative result, you need to understand the power of love, love is the most powerful and still most unknown energy in the world. Now that you know that love is the power to all good things, you can use it to change your whole life.

So what is the force of attraction, the force of attraction is the force of love, when you enjoy a certain food, a certain place or a person you are feeling love for that thing without you would not feel the attraction, so you would have no idea to what you liked and what you didn’t, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Love are one and the same, it keeps everything in harmony including ourselves from galaxies to atoms, it is operating everywhere and that includes in your life?

In the universal laws, the law of attraction states that like attracts like, which means what you give out you get back, what you give out is attracted back to you, “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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