Do you ever have that feeling of wanting to start again, no matter what? and of course, the key question is are you brave enough to start again, many people are not and they continue to live a life that gives them no fulfillment at all, they have no satisfaction in their personal or professional world and life is very boring, to say the least, no passion for encouragement to fulfill their dreams and goals, so if this was your case, what would you do?

It may not sound easy, but if you wish to change this existence, it can be done and all you need is yourself, we create our life in one way or another, and we like to place the blame elsewhere but in reality, we are responsible because we have allowed things to take that form in our life and we have done maybe nothing to stop it, again it can be personal or professional, or maybe one area is good and other not, so that is where you need to start.

You have to know that this is the decision you wish to take and allow it to unfold before you, do not allow fear to enter into your plans, it is normal that you may feel a little anxious but you have to be strong and override this, you are giving yourself a wonderful opportunity, you are reinventing yourself and this can be exciting and refreshing, to change your career at whatever age you may be is fine, it is better to be stimulated by new events in your life than just plodding through each day as if you are on automatic pilot, many of us hang on to what we know, the habits we have acquired and become very accustomed to our surroundings and who is in that picture, if it’s time to paint another picture, do it, you are the artist and you are the author of your new chapter in your life, don’t go back and remember how it was, if you are creating a new future it is because you were not happy, you were not motivated so it was not as good as you may wish to remember it, we tend to fantasize a little when we go backwards instead of forwards, that is a temporary fix, the reality soon steps in, because your new future is going to bring you so many new experiences and even knowledge and power to your inner self, because you are doing what you wish, not what others thought you should be doing, only you know how situations and circumstances feel, people on the outside don’t have the same emotions as you, making your own decisions is a wonderful feeling of freedom and trust within yourself, and your confidence will find it’s true place in your life, you are capable of many things and each new day gives you the opportunity to discover this and able you to enter into your new chapter, never give up on yourself and don’t live a life you hav’nt chosen, simplicity to happiness can very often be the key, so never worry about moving forward and actually doing what you want to do.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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