Why do you think that some people are happy and maybe you are not, it is a decision you need to make, it really has nothing to do with circumstances or situations, you decide if you are happy with what you have or not, and if your decision is negative, you need to change it, that also lies within your responsibility. most happy people live a simple life, simplicity is essential for a fair and happy environment, our society needs simplicity, it makes things much easier, happy people also look after their personal relationships, they know what suits them and what does not, happy people follow a vital proposition in life they maintain equilibrium between their work and personal life. Happy people instead of complaining through life, they are and show gratitude for the people they have around them, they are always grateful, happy people are generally occupied with various things and don’t spend that time worrying… happy people try not to prolong grief and love to spend time outside with activities they practice exercises, but they don’t over- do it!! And they love to help others, happy people carry kindness with them and love to care for others as well as themselves.

Be Happy

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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