Every day we see people trying to discover their personal identity through modern methods of surgery and injections, or by buying into the latest fad! You need to have peace with yourself…

We are living in a society where our looks have become an obsession with us all, it is so sad to see previously beautiful women who insist on staying forever young and ruining their looks by what is available to them, where as they would probably have been, just as beautiful in maturity as before, we acquire certain qualities as we age…we are wrapped up in a society that is based on glamourous fantasy strongly encouraged by television and magazines and commercials that promise to fix everything, better breast, implants! problems, antidepressants, lifestyle liposuction, and the list goes on and on, the answer to today’s problems is just through it away and that includes husbands, wives, just get more money more stuff and the wrinkles more botox….

So, what are you really looking for? It’s hard, for young girls, they follow the trend set out by young stars, but they can be trashy, and trampy (not all of them) but this will not help to find real happiness in a relationship or life.And sadly how many times do we see young girls fading away due to anorexia or bulimia because they lose their sense of identity and look for a near impossible vision of beauty she sees in magazines etc., which are nearly all photoshop crazy, so they are aiming for something that is nonexistent?

What about your self-identity ….. what can you do to begin to have a healthy self-identity, first you need to see yourself for who you are and love yourself for that, loving yourself is key to loving anyone in a normal manner, trust yourself and your decisions, your instinct can guide you, you know the difference between right and wrong, this is the way to building a healthy you and relationship with others. Start to really see that beautiful person in the mirror, you are talented loving, and caring, inside and out. Value your abilities like you do your looks or body, people fall in love with the person, it is not always a physical thing, your intelligent and have great communication skills, use everything to your best advantage and don’t wait any longer for the validation of others to find your own happiness, you are responsible for that.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach




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