Have you joined the self-love club? If you know yourself very well I would say yes, be part of what you believe, believe in the love you hold for yourself, it is so important to know how you look at yourself every morning and do you love the person you see, when you love yourself, there are many things you need to do and see from your perspective, of loving yourself. Do you compare yourself with others, and if so, why? you are beautiful and unique and will have many qualities another person does not have and vice-versa, remember you and only you are YOU!! have you managed to get to the stage in your life when you can actually say NO to certain things, they don’t have to be huge things in your life, but at times many of us find it very difficult to pronounce the little word NO, once you get into it, you will find it is received well and you are respected for it, people don’t frown or feel let down, they just respect that it is not possible at that moment in time, do you allow your self don time, we can’t be happy and smiling 24/7 we have moments when we just feel down and were entitled to those moments, it allows to appreciate our happy and high moments, even more, you are entitled to be you and don’t have to be someone else just to please people, being a people pleaser is a hard and very difficult job and totally unnecessary you need to be present in your life, truly present to appreciate everything around you and to enjoy and love those things, being 50 percent in is not enough, for your full satisfaction or even that of others.

You need to know your own strengths and use them when necessary, for yourself and others, your strength is a quality, and you should be proud to show it, you should also treat yourself without any guilty feelings attached, no matter what it is, be honest with yourself and allow yourself the things you need to fulfill your pleasure bowl, stop worrying about your mistakes or little hick-ups we all make them and we should forgive ourselves our mistakes and imperfections allow us to learn as we go along, at times we need to work on forgiving ourselves for bigger stuff!

We need to accept that some people won’t like you, this happens, but there are many that will, don’t let this make a difference in your life carry on and have fun, fun has to be a priority in your life, always, this affects your mood your look your very presence. Always be grateful for everything that forms part of your life, showing gratitude will allow more things to be grateful for, write down your successes, when we write our wishes and desires we give them wings and wonderful power, you need to connect with your feelings, feel what you are all about, and what you are worth…. take care of yourself and your body and this includes your mind, the more self love you feel the more love you can give, you know what you want in your life, you need to stand up for yourself and allow people to love you how you wish to be loved, remember that when you speak to yourself, to speak kindly, don’t hurt yourself with the words you use, and never allow others to speak to you in a bad way, if you don’t like it let it be known, you are to be respected at all times, we can all hold different opinions but we should never lose respect for others or ourselves, always surround yourself with people that are worthy of you, even when you have to let people go, it will be because they do not treat you with kindness and respect, you need the people you wish to surround you, not the one’s that wish to enforce themselves on you, you need to feel comfortable and not under pressure to be someone you are not, feel good in your own skin and free enough to be who you are!

Never forget how unique and beautiful you are…..

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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