When you actually realized that you can create your own reality, did you feel afraid? did it set you back a little that you can have that kind of power? The responsibility is tremendous, but you owe it to yourself…. there is no one to blame anymore, as they say, the book stops with you, and this can be a little intimidating or exciting, this depends a little on your personality and character, when you see it this way, it can have a totally new viewpoint for you on this subject, you have to go through each situation living the moment and of course taking the responsibility that lies with you, you need time alone to think and obtain clarity. Don’t worry about how others will see you, you just need to feel good about your thoughts and what you wish to do, if you can’t converse with others because they simply don’t understand you, don’t worry, in time they will… one of the biggest things you need to do is know your own self, it is so important when you truly embark on your own inner journey, knowing yourself is one of the biggest secrets to creating your own reality, self-knowledge is one of our greatest quests in life.

When we change our inner self and the inner world we start to transform our outer world, all our thoughts and beliefs are on a conscious level, if we are willing to embark on an inner journey, we can discover all of the beliefs and expectations through which we create our own lives.

We have the ability to know our higher purpose, learning on a daily basis how to experience joy, peace, and aliveness.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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