How often have you tried to lose weight? did you know it could be easier if you knew how to trick your body? Let me give you an example, If you are about to go to the supermarket for maybe your weekly shop, eat an apple, on the way.. you see it has been established on good authority that by doing this, people tend to buy around 28 percent more fruit and vegetables than people who eat a biscuit!!

Keep a well-arranged fruit bowl near your car keys, making it so easy for you to make a healthy choice on your way out instead of grabbing something that is not going to be as healthy for you, you know, we eat with our eyes, a pretty well-prepared salad is far more attractive than a boring normal same old dry salad!

Don’t take on another task when it is time to eat, working at your desk or taking on another commitment will only lead to you snacking later in the day, as you will not feel satisfied after your meal on the go, eat without distractions.

Another little trick is to spend 20-30 minutes in the morning sun, for some unknown reason people who enjoy the morning sunshine light weigh less than people who enjoy the light of the sunshine later in the day, you don’t have to be outside for this, maybe you have a nice sunny area within your office or home, it’s the brightness of the sunshine you need to look for, you will see above that these little tricks added to a well sensible diet, is simply practical and logical things to do, but we just don’t think at times how easier it would be, at times logic evades us !!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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