Getting things wrong is often where the fun is in life? Have you ever thought about it in this way, its perfectly true…always embrace your mistakes, learn from them, and start making exciting new plans for your future, you can’t beat it…

At times people will amaze you at what they wish to focus on to bring out your mistakes, they will comment on how you talk, act etc., whether you are confident or lack it, the most important thing is that you feel good about yourself, because this will show through, this is what gives you that extra shine and bounce in your walk, the spring in your step as it is known. All these things can create an envy situation and the negative comments start to roll in.. this is when things go wrong, but not because of you being at fault, you are simply being you and maybe even successful, so don’t worry about it, what is more, is that we do make mistakes and we should be proud of them, because we are forever learning, and so do the negative commentators no one is above making a mistake and no one is perfect, regardless as to what they may think.

When you are content within and like what you are doing and who you are, you will become empowered, you will find your motivation, when you can also laugh at yourself, to find humor in things is a great way to relate to your life, even if you are an introvert and enjoy a quiet life.

Your life can change many times as we travel on our journey of life, some in ways we never expected, as you become more mature you can be happy with much smaller things and appreciate many things that previously would have had little importance or impact on your life, there have been colossal changes over the last 100 years for example, that we should take into account and appreciate each one in the way it suits us best, there are still many changes that we would like to see, I personally think that we still could afford to have greater respect, equal pay and less abuse, we are starting to be heard more we are becoming more powerful but we still need that to continue. We all probably have someone in our life or past that has inspired us, it may be your mother or a famous person in history, there will be something or someone that stands out and a phrase or situation has been imprinted in your mind. Remember making mistakes is very allowable, it is how we establish ourselves as individuals and gain our strength within our learning powers.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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