Can you recognize your moment, are you aware of each moment that life offers you, and that you may be let pass you by, did you know that we actually allow many wonderful moments to just go unnoticed, if we think of running water and allow it to pass through our hands, the same water will never pass through again, and the flow of water and life are so similar, we should never put off what we wish to do or feel or say, as no one knows what tomorrow will bring, the past has gone, the present we live but the future is yet to arrive, and how we live those moments are purely on how we feel and experience our daily life, never lack the courage you need to reach the goals you set for yourself and your family, everything is obtainable if you allow it through your thoughts and beliefs, you just need to be aligned with your dreams and never give up, many think and feel that the word impossible in sent just for them, they hold a negative outlook to life and of course that is the way their life goes, what you give out is what you receive back, this is known as the boomerang effect and this will effect your life in many ways, when you work with a positive outlook on life, then positive things will return to you, you need to follow your dreams and not allow circumstances or people to block your way, when you are your own person, you will enjoy your own company and the gentle creativity you hold inside will flourish, you will not only do things in this wonderful world, you will be doing it for people like you also, you will embrace opportunity and the joy of living when you know how to navigate your way through life, hold on to your ambitions and hold on to those beautiful moments, enjoy your simple pleasures, read a great book, love that music you hear all the time, the one that gets your feet moving, enjoy your most treasured possession, this could be your health, without it, we have very little, and we can live beautiful moments all the time, one of my greatest pleasure is enjoying every new morning, I’m here and I can be me and live my life on my terms, you can feel more positive than ever, you realise that what others are thinking about you, you will care less than may be when you were 20, all these things empower you to give things a go, why not, enjoy your life, enjoy your moments……..and never give up!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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