Not everyone’s choice can be agreed upon by others, but it must always be respected…..and sadly in many cases, it is not when we make a decision in our life, whether it be personal or professional we have made it normally, after a considerable amount of thought or even maybe suffering, and therefore the least others can do is respect your decision, it is your choice and belongs to you in every way, people may question it and that is also their right amongst themselves, but we are under no obligation to explain your choices that you make along your journey in life, there are many reasons why we make our choices and if they are meaningful to you and allow you to have the peace in your life that you are seeking you have every right to be in control of who what and when you do things, and more so how you do things, no one, irrespective to who they think they are can make choices or decisions for you in your life, it is a known fact that many people after a period of time seem to feel they have a right to direct your life how they feel it should go to suit there best options, there is always some one who will pass your line of confidence and sadly friendship, when this happens you have to stand for yourself and stick to your choice, more so, when you know you are right… also comes the big question, right or wrong, obviously in the eyes of the other person we will always be wrong, but when they seek into their interior they will see your meanings, even if they choose to ignore it, deep down they know what where and how things went wrong, and when that wrong is so deep, there is no apology that will surfice we can with time forgive,but maybe we never forget and for that reason we should find the strength to walk away and maintein our choice of decision. You are not obliged to explain your reasons, choices or feelings in life if you don’t wish to, and no one should feel they have the power to make you do so, how you balance your life is also your decision, and it is not unknown for people to invent situations and circumstances to make them feel better within the situation, and to warrant their conduct, we can be grateful in life for many things and I am sure we are, regardless of the opinion of others however this is not something that compels us to never question the action of others or make decisions that are not in agreement, there are general guide- lines in life, which we all live by, but on a personal level we are free to make our own choices and live the life we choose.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


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