We have all been heavily challenged the last few years, the obvious pandemic and some of us with personal challenges within our health and well-being and during this period of time, we seem to forget how to enjoy life and to have fun!!

Do you have to think when was the last time you had fun, you laughed you explored new places that bring you joy and pleasure, if you have to think too hard, you need to step up your game, a nice coffee with a friend or a simple lunch/dinner can bring great happiness into our life, enjoying the company of a friend or maybe even on your own, when you are happy and having fun, your anxiety is not felt, and that is a great feeling to be anxiety-free. When we are happy, when we smile and feel good our worries take on another dimension and you actually can become energized by the experience.

Of course, you need to be able to recognize and appreciate these moments, when we really experience happiness and fun we are there, totally living in the moment and enjoying every minute. We need to step away from ourselves and the judgement we seem to cast against our own person, always trying to forecast the future result, instead of enjoying the moment and going with the flow of things and laughing out loud when the moment calls for it, live life to the full in every aspect, when we find ourselves in this mood and moment we are anxious free, we are not lonely or stressed.

Are you now thinking that you have no time for fun in your life, you maybe believe that you live a very hectic life that has no time, the main key here is to realize that to be happy and have fun does not require more time or an added duty to do, we don’t have to fit it in! we just need to incorporate it into our life take away the things that don’t excite you or make you happy. Pursue your passions, don’t just become obsessed with your output and productivity, a hobby, a passion can bring so much into our life, and we are fortunate enough to work with our passion we could have happiness and fun every day. We should not allow our responsibilities to distract you and drain you totally from who you are, you need your interests and passions and should live them to the limit.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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