With everything going on in the world at the moment, our form of work for many has been changed and in some cases, you may find yourselves without work, or we could be working from home, which reduces our social contact, we may be worried far more than normal, which can and will provoke anxiety stress which will create mental fatigue.

This is all created by overworking our mental activity… which takes us to a lack in our concentration skills, our learning skills and reduces our level of motivation.

When we don’t control this situation it can lead to further more important illness’s, it is most important that we maintain good habits, routines and similar hours in our work and life, in general, incorporate a little exercise into your life and try to have a balanced life as much as possible.

If the situation starts to totally block you, you can find help from natural supplements, or of course, you can visit your Doctor. How you care for yourself will show in everything you do take good care of yourself, and see yourself through these difficult times we face from time to time.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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