Instead of being so hard on yourself, why not try a little more compassion….. we live within a competitive world where we use pressure and criticism on ourselves while striving for excellence, which converts us into inflexible judges where we fill ourselves full of doubt attacks of all kinds which create a hostile attitude directed at ourselves which simply provokes more frustration, which only gives us more stress and can even block us from being creative and taking action when required.

It is most important that we take a personal note of the effect this has on us, how quick we are to find fault and criticize everything we do and how painful it can be for ourselves, this is where we need to be more compassionate towards ourselves and to listen to our inner self, and to discover what makes us uneasy and not at peace, this should push us to take more care of ourselves. When we realize that we will fail at certain things and not everything works the way we want it to be, we will start to take it as just a part of life we need to understand and live with it, it is very normal and there is nothing strange about it. When we see this for ourselves we become less hard towards ourselves and our compassionate side comes into play, we begin to support and care for ourselves in a better way.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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