Let’s start the year as we wish to continue, full of good things and great events for us to enjoy, we all know the importance of belief, and for those of us that believe good things can and will come to us if we add to our belief, patience then even better things will arrive at our door, and if we never give up then even the best things appear, what we need to do on a fairly regular basis is clear out what we don’t need, however painful it may be, there will things in your life that should not be there, you have to let go, yes, you may need a little courage but you also need and have self-respect and that is more important, you are important when you let things go, you are making room for the things that really should be in your life, no matter what area you need it, professional or personal, when you let go of what you are you also become what you are meant to be.

We have moments in our life when things seem to fall apart, but somehow someway things tend to fall back together again, how does that happen? and it suits us much better, this is a moment when a negative situation turns around to be totally positive because we help by seeing it that way, if something falls apart on you, don’t worry it’s a message to let you know its time to part ways, no matter what it is, allow better things into your life, don’t block new things by hanging on to things you don’t need. We are in permanent motion moving forward in life at all times, you can’t stand still and become stuck and stagnant, we are human therefore curious by nature, we always want to know what is behind the door, be brave and open it, see for yourself, this keeps you on the ball, it keeps you moving to new paths in life.

I hope that this New Year is going to be fabulous for you and that you continue to make mistakes, that is how you learn, with each mistake you actually make something new, you are taking yourself out of your comfort one and pushing yourself as much as possible, changing yourself and changing everything around you, you are capable of changing your own world.

Always allow a flow in your life let things ebb and flow, keep your heart open don’t block your own pathway, never be afraid of new things and adventures, that is the spice of life, your life, I believe that many bad things happen in life to teach us how to look at good things in an entirely different light.

Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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