Well, here we are, virtually at the end of yet another year, time just seems to fly by, and with each year we learn more wisdom, more abilities, and the power of knowing ourselves and what life is teaching us, as we continue of this journey of life.

This is a perfect time for us to find a quiet moment and to mentally go back over our year, the good and the bad, although we may not wish to remember certain moments it is good for us to recap on everything, this way the good moments will seem even better, as you will well know, life goes on and how it continues depends very much on ourselves and how we wish to perceive the life we live, someone told me the other day, that they seem to feel so sad at the moment, we all have moments when we are more fragile than others and we feel more emotional, what you have to understand is that how we decide in our mind, is how our day or life will be, negativity is a bad place to leave your mindset, you are happy and positive, your situation does not determine how you should feel, you have nothing, but be happy and feel grateful that you are experiencing life on the level you are at, we all want more in life,many wish to deny this fact, but it is most probably true, abundance is for all of us and it is down to us to determine how much abundance we have in life, when we realise this change is our responsibility and believe we have this ability, our life and circumstances can change and will change……. It is the time of year, to see who you really are, to push yourself to all possibilities that you wish to achieve, know believe and feel that you are capable to achieve what you wish, in your professional, personal life, never feel it is impossible if you have an objective that you feel you have not completed this year, no problem keep going, claim your goal and your dream, believing that you can, visualize yourself where you wish to be and the life you wish to have, reflect on the year that you have had, and don’t forget this year has been pretty difficult for most people, you are not alone, what a year we have had!! so know and recognize your objective for the coming year, prepare yourself for them and make the most of your New coming Year, 365 days to excel yourself to where you wish to be, give yourself the time you need, give yourself priority you deserve it……..have a great future year

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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