The beauty of Christmas is truly a time of reflection, we start to think of people who are no longer here, people who are here but are no longer in our life, and at times we may reflect on why, life is short and should not be pained by these things, but sadly some people are made this way and that is how they wish to run or even ruin their life, which we should always respect even with regret…. it is strange that although we always probably have these people in our thoughts Christmas seems to be a special time to many of us. However, Christmas is also a time of joy and happiness and of course of what we make it! so, I hope you choose to love it and have a great time, now, the big questions are you a thoughtful planning gift giver or a last-minute panicker !! many think it’s great to run around on Christmas Eve shopping, I can think of nothing more stressing, not for me, thank you, I like to be prepared and plan well ahead, then of course we have the job of wrapping our chosen gifts, are you into ribbons and bows or more plain, again it’s a matter of choice, but nothing is more wonderful than receiving a well wrapped present, it shows you many things, but love and care can always be seen… how about your tree, do you decorate it all, or do you find a nice corner or wall that hides most of it and you only have to decorate half……a well dressed tree, always looks spectacular…how about the music, many of us get to Christmas not wanting to hear any of those Christmas classics ever again, they seem to be every where you go, you go shopping and they are playing in the mall, down the main street, within the market and of course on the radio all day long, we seem to go so over the top, but of course, we are not going to listen to them in July!! so, I suppose it makes sense..and why do we eat so much, where is it written that over the Christmas season we must eat more than any other festive season…we all have a favourite, but we do seem to over do it….and of course we also over do the work load, above everything that you do, do you have special job?

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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