We are into the month of December, so the count down is on, and it is going to fly by, I promise you quicker than any other time of the year…… we all seem to be getting excited this year, as it looks as if we could be looking at a fairly normal celebration time with our friends and family, if, nothing drastically changes at the last minute, let’s keep those fingers crossed and wish for the atmosphere of years gone by, no table restrictions and the joy of all your family in one place………

So, the pressure is on, to make this an exceptional occasion, you have had plenty of time to think about it, so let’s hope your ideas are flowing, you need to be thinking of all the original touches you can come up with, the taste buds, the budget and of course your great artistic skill levels….. but, don’t forget you can never go wrong with a typical Christmas Lunch, it will be perfect and super decorate your table…. and don’t forget you may need a vegan or vegetarian within the mix

And never forget to sprinkle the Christmas magic throughout your home, it really does look beautiful with the little lights and candles, after the period we have all been through, I think many of us are also looking forward to dressing in the Christmas spirit, it’s so nice to dress up for an occasion, and what a fabulous excuse…..

One of the real reasons behind Christmas is to be able to give thanks for everything we have in our life, gratitude is a wonderful thing, it also gives us an opportunity to be filled with joy and hope and to start to look forward to the future. Whether we dine in fine style or dress like movie stars the most important part of this occasion is the love we share and show, never forget the love we have within and around us, that is what truly matters, lots of love to you all!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach







  1. I love this Christmas 🎅 blog post!I’m sure the time will just fly in and hopefully there will be no more lockdowns. God bless.


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