There are so many reasons why you should always feel fit and care for yourself, and the older we get, we should place even more importance, and we usually tend to go the other way, we don’t have to do what we did at 20, but, we can do what is possible for us now, the fact that we keep moving and stretch ourselves as much as possible, we are doing good and not bad…… when you feel good and especially about yourself, it shows in everything we do and we radiate it from the inside.

As we age, we need to maintain strength in our bones, our mineral bone density does decline as we age, but we can maintain and even increase in some cases which keeps us a little further away from osteoporosis, we can run, exercise with weights tennis and aerobic, when you start any kind of exercise, always begin slowly and build yourself up, you need to get the hang of this and enjoy it!!

Did you know? that mobility work can keep that pain away…. for good posture, strengthening of certain muscles and keeping you tension and injury free pilates and yoga are excellent.

It’s unbelievable, but from the age of 30 we start to lose muscle mass it’s a natural process, so we need to keep on top of this get those squats and a little weight training, on the go, did you know that the more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest.

Exercises gives you an automatic boost to how you feel, you start to feel good and the endorphins start to be released, you feel strong, confident and a sense of well-being gives you a great boost.

We need to keep the cardio up good and strong, when we start to lose oestrogen this is when we can have a few coronary heart problems, exercise can help this, obviousy always in moderation, it will also help with high cholestrol and blood pressure, we should be looking at around 150 mins a week, a little tip here is to talk while exercising, if you can’t you are pushing yourself to hard………. enjoy what you are doing, but do something, think healthy body healthy mind healthy life……..

Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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