So, how many of you lovely people are approaching midlife, and maybe panicking a little at what that will bring? Both men and women go through this phase, I really don’t know why the experience you have gathered is certainly not wasted, quite the opposite, if you care for yourself and keep yourself in good shape, not a great deal in your life will or does change, of course some of us fear the future at the moment with everything that is going on in the world around us, but, if we stop and think for a moment, you can turn this into your moment, the golden moment you have always secretly wanted, you have no option but to cut from the old and delve into the new and unknown, because maybe at the moment you have no idea what I am talking about!!

So, let’s break it down, you have maybe been doing your job for years, of course, the big question here is, do you enjoy it? and even if you do, is there something deep down you have always wanted to do or something in these modern techy times, caught your eye, but, could never imagine it coming your way………you see the universe at times has strange ways of bringing things into our lives, it may be an upset, initially to you but later becomes a blessing, it sets you free from your old ties and habits and launches you out of your comfort zone into a new life and a new you………(doesn’t that excite you a little) the change that is forced upon you due to changes in general in our beautiful world, that you would probably never have ventured into it yourself, but, here you are, you are faced with possibilities and opportunities, don’t feel that your back is against the wall, we all need to make money and the pressure can come from that direction, but think and leap into a direction you would really love to do, this is your opportunity to turn a bad situation into a goodie!!

Embrace your new situation and embrace your age, so much can come from it, we try different styles and fashions, but we reach a point when we know what suits us and what does not, we start to become comfortable with ourselves, that feeling of being odd or uncomfortable should have left you and you really are standing on your own two feet, so stepping out of your comfort zone is the perfect step to take, your confidence is higher, you are together, although you may feel uncertain regarding your working situation, great days can be ahead…remember there is a choice we always choose what we want, if not you should be……our children are older, the baby days have gone and also our insecurities and I sincerely hope you don’t worry about what others have to say…….you are proud of who you are….you are probably enjoying some kind of self-care in the form of exercise, whatever it may be this will give you a plus in energy and a good feeling we always need to look ahead, no matter what age we are, we appreciate things we never thought possible as we start to see things in a different way, giving more reason to the saying ” If I only knew then, what I know now” it is so true, what we do learn is to embrace ourselves, our opportunities to laugh and to love and to generally have fun and enjoy our time here, go for it, keep the right attitude in life and don’t let anyone influence your feelings for life.

My personal philosophy is to see life as an adventure and to say yes to new opportunities, it is never too late to change your life, your career your comfort zone, you can learn new skills new elements in business, or what calls your attention and passion, every day can be different which I personally love, never be afraid of change, go for it enjoy it and never look back, you need to know where you are going.

Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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