Do you ever stop to think how important you are? probably not, as you may feel out of place doing that, but you should, because you have a value that no one can calculate or take your place, we have a uniquness that makes us who we are, and knowing who we are is so important, we all have a limited and precious time here, so we must never waste it, your opinion counts in every aspect of your life, know your roots as a person who started a very important journey, and never lose sight of the beginning the middle or even the end, you are strong brave and courageous and can handle anything, good, bad or indifferent, keep your intuition close to your heart and follow the indications it gives you.

Think of yourself, use your mind and always keep to the facts, instantly remove negativity you do not need it in your life, you are positive and the more positivity you place in your mind and life, the more you will yearn, therefore it becomes a new habit, positivity rules the day!! have faith in everything you do, and remember that there are still good and smart honest people in the world, make your own decisions and remember that you are important enough to yourself to keep making your own choices and decisions. Keep your own space, you need it, the people around you need you to have it, you are important enough to have your own space, it is vital for your personal harmony and balance, no one plays your role like you, thats why we are made how we are made… deep within you you know your own worth and value, you do not need the validation of anyone, this is a very important point, why do we look to others for validation? You are important enough to yourself to claim self validation…..

You are important, you are an important person to many different people, you are valued and you are loved always……

Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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