Every year, I think to myself, is this going to be the last time I publish the fact it is my birthday, but, as time goes by I really do think that age is simply a number, a number of years the world has been enjoying me !!!

The great thing about age is that you really can stop worrying about what is happening in your life, and questioning everything with a why….. you know your why for going forward and to obtain your goals, is the motor of your life,but these are two distinct why’s in life….. what you achieve with age is that each road you are directed to, you become more confident within yourself to know that something wonderful is going to present itself to you and that the more trust you have in yourself and the process the universe has in store for you the more beautiful your life becomes. Personally I feel my years have given me strength and wisedom and has helped me to become a better version of myself, I love my age, I am old enough to know better in certain circumstances young enough to do things I don’t have to think twice about! and above all experienced enough to do it right!! Thank you all for always being there, I appreciate you all, every single one of you…..I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a great day……….

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