Have you ever opened your soul, so wide open you actually allowed someone in? It’s a big moment, and if you are in doubt, for sure you have never done it, it’s that moment when you probably become one with another human being, we may feel love, but opening your soul is another thing, it is another level that only few enjoy, but it is worth the journey if you are brave enough……..Why do I say brave, well to open your soul you are opening yourself up to everything you are and feel, when you feel you can share your deepest feelings and emotions with someone else, that is not your inner self, you have opened your soul, your life is now being fully shared, with the happiness joy and even sadness involved, can you look at your partner and know how they feel and are going to act, do you have that inner intuition that guides you both through this wonderful journey called life. Opening your soul allows you a special connection, which many of us have with our children, we live on alert and capture moments that they are not even aware of, you do not need to be in their presence, it’s a connection you have with them, and sometimes, not always, we are fortunate enough to find this again with our partners,and we open our souls and live a life in total flow and harmony, this does not mean that we do not have problems from time to time, it simple means that when the storm has passed, are possibilities of seeing things in a similar way should be stronger and more fluent due to our connection on this deeper level. Opening your soul can truly bring you a life full of magic…………….

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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