The Law of Attraction states that we should not be around around or within clutter, the air should flow and accordingly we should be going with that flow, you need to have around you only the things that are useful to you and that make your surroundings a more beautiful place to be, when you are surrounded by cluttler you are blocking your pathways, your direction in life is being disturbed, now what you may never have thought about is your mind, do you regularly de- clutter your mind just like you do your home?

We need to de-clutter our minds in just the same way, piece by piece what does not serve us, should be gone and allow room for new thoughts and innovations to enter, when you hold yourself back with old beliefs, bad habits, bad relationships all the things that you don’t need in any positive way, they are all blocking your clarity and ability to move forward, there presence continually in your mind forces you to focus on them, therefore just bringing more of the same into your life, clear them out, give them a push in the right direction and clear your pathways, allow yourself to succeed where you wish and to develop the life and style you wish for. You will not be able to concentrate on new things if allyour channels are blocked, even learning new things will be difficult for you, you need to have a clear road and a clear view…….make it a priority, de-clutter yourself and not just your home.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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