We all reach a stage or a moment inour life when we feel the need of a change, the importance of this is realizing that the change you are looking for, always starts with you………. does that make sense to you?

We can change out job, where we live or how we live, but if we don’t change our mindset first, it will be difficult for you, followed by other changes within your daily routine, some big, some small…… if you fight those changes or feel they are unnecessary then the change you are looking for will be incomplete.

You have to embrace the changes you are making, with happiness and a feeling of contentment that comes from within, no change is without a certain degree of pain or emotional upheaval or some turmoil, but knowing it is worthy and beneficial to our life, allows us to welcome it into our life with an open concept and the knowing that a change, can be as good as a rest……..!!

So, what would you decide, would you make the effort to change or would you stay where you are……….maybe stuck or unhappy, by making a change you are probably going to be improving your enviroment, your personal situation and the happiness of your family and friends…….. many people fear change, yet it should be welcomed, our whole life is evolving on change, as we grow from babies into children into adults we change and never give it a thought, it is automatic to us and those around us, however, once we reach adulthood or marriage or parenthood, we tend to stop the automatic growth and do everything with overthinking and doubt, which at times we like to call responsibility, this does not mean staying where we are………particularly if you want more in life and wish to grow more as a person/partner/employee etc., we need to adapt and make changes to achieve what and where we want in life, never be afraid of change, change is good, follow your instincts and live outside of the box………there is no boredom or routine hidden there!!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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