Welcome to everyone, I am sure there are times in your life where you have felt totally boxed in,you have so many things inside your head,you really do feel that you are drowning in a sea of problems,and the more, you try to resolve this,the waves just get bigger and bigger.

active mind

I have a method,which I share with many of my clients,for some clearing the mind is a very difficult job,the more they try the worse it gets,I advise you to find a quiet spot, where you know you are not going to be disturbed for about 30 mins.. you may lie down or sit,the most important is that you are comfortable,close your eyes, and let all these problems,thoughts…rise up to the surface,take deep breaths,don’t get anxious with everything in your head,we are going to take this away very quickly.Now I want you to imagine a large piece of furniture with lots of little drawers (boxes) this can be the colour and size of your choice,now,we are going to take one of  these problems or whatever is troubling you, take a good look at it in your mind,talk to it,you can have a full scale conversation regarding it if you wish, when you are ready we are going to put it away in one of the drawers,you can say goodbye or just give it “i’ll see you later” then in your mind open the drawer place it inside and close the drawer, you need to do this with all the things that are bothering you and swimming around your head, when you have dealt with each one, you should feel much lighter and be able to see things more clearly, what you have done here is file them all away in a special place,they can stay there or you can visit them when the time arrives,by having them in order,you will be able to deal with them in a clear and positive way,one item at a time. You no longer have a very cluttered room, your room is now very organised and in good working order.


I hope you have great success in your clear out – so get boxing !!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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