You are a magnificent creator and can create and design the lifestyle you truly wish, if you understand that you must be aligned with your lifestyle, that you truly want to live.

When you know you are aligned, you will feel the flow in your life change, remember the importance of always taking action towards your dreams and goals, never forget to get pushing ahead.

It is important also that you realize what you have at any given moment is not down to luck in your life, it is when you are in harmony with yourself, your consciousness, you will maybe know stories of people who are successful and lose everything, but, almost immediately they bounce back, this is due to being in harmony with your consciousness, you can lose material things,but not your consciousness……when you are aligned totally in your life, your power is also aligned which will always give you the opportunity to bouce back in life.

We have thoughts all day and every day, it is maybe impossible to know exactly how many, however do not give your energy away to thoughts that don’t serve you, we frequently make this mistake, but with practise you can start to control your thoughts and adapt the ability to know what serves you best and what does not.


Work towards your alignment and create the lifestyle of your dreams and goals………

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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