Do you remember your dreams, ??

The great Freud once said, that our dreams hold valuable information regarding our most deepest desires, that’s why we become so frustrated when we can’t remember our dreams, some how we have amnesia and are dreams are gone when we awake, is this a natural occurence or is it possible to recuperate the dream ?

It is actually more common to forget your dreams than remember them, it is our subconscious mind which tries to help us forget our dreams, when the mecanics of our dreams work perfectly we forget them completely.

So how do we identify the cause of amnesia, it can be at times, that we don’t want to remember, (in the form of nightmares) or they can be things that we know that on a subconscious level are there,but we choose to ignore them, there are methods for dreams to be remembered,by applying the methods you can at times find things out about yourself that you never knew.
If you are uncertain about whether you dream or not, you can ask your partner to observe you when you sleep, if your eyelids move slightly, then you are dreaming or you can wake between 3 and 4 in the morning, this is the time of your REM dream time and you will remember.
Another way to remember your dreams, is to write them down as soon as you wake,the more time that goes by, the weaker the memory of the dream is.
Another way is to give potencial to your imagination, during the day time let your imagination wander and day dream a litte, take in what is around you and the images you see, this gives you the opportunity to let go of your rational thinking and work a little more on your creative side.

There is also a coaching method, which you can pratice,the Coue method, this is based on the self-suggestion conscious, before you sleep each evening, say out loud that you will remember your dreams,the following morning the memory will be there, at times with sounds and colours.From the informacion you obtain, try to piece together what the dream is telling you, write it down and keep a special diary this will help you to know yourself better and maybe have more control over certain situations.

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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