.Sometimes we doubt decisions we have made in the past,but, we continue to carry on with our journey, knowing we should be on another path, never sorry about a change in your life, it does not matter when or where you are in in life, your age, gender circumstances should not be allowed to stop you, you need to be working in your field, with your passion, in your niche, this is where your purpose and happiness is, when you work with what you enjoy, other people feel your vibrations, they totally feel your compassion and energy for what you are doing, and you have a new lease of life, you are born again, never worry about making this change, however hugh you may see it, you need to feel satisfied with what you do, and once you start on your new journey, your enthusiasum will take you on the roller coaster ride you have waited for all your life, your previous tasks in life have been preparing you for this moment and you have learnt from every single mistake you have made, if you are willing to accept this and learn from it, nothing can stop you, no matter what,you need to be in a position where you can push your own boundaries as many times as possible, keep pushing yourself and those magic buttons….. you will have a game lan, and if you hav’nt it’s time to put one onto paper and start making those small steps and join all the dots, to make the life you desire,believe in yourself, believe you can ddo it, no matter what and you will achieve the dream you are seeking, it’s patience, experience(which you learn along the way) consistency and belief, a strong belief in what you can accomplish, never give up, no matter what, circumstances, age where you are, just keep going and believe every step of the way.

Brooke Universal Life Coach







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