This is a very popular question, we all face fear in different degrees and regarding different situations during our life time, some times it even changes depending on our age, obviously what we feared as children, most of us don’t fear as adults, they can become slightly more complicated and even ugly, and even hurt us so very much.

On a personal level, I faced fear for many years, until I found the secret wrapped around each gift that brought me fear, and this is what I would like to reveal to you today, it’s important for you to understand fear, for exactly what it is, before it takes more of your time and life, fear can be regarding to a very personal level, where you feel you just don’t measure up, your confidence is taking a knock, your self worth, your value or it can be regarding your financial stability where you doubt again your worth your abilities, you maybe even feel shame, you may feel alone, homeless whatever it maybe, you have to understand that fear is an emotion…….. and our emotions are fabricated within our head, which may explain why we don’t all like or love the same person, we have likes and dislikes, the emotion of fear is what we choose to believe in our mind, and when we realize this point, we can change things, our entire life is made up of choosing or chosen, we can become professional procrastinators and let years of our life slip by, …. we are stuck, and you know why….fear!! So what do you think it is going to do to you……..when you choose to remove that emotion (that thought) you are free, and that is an emotion you are going to love.

Don’t allow fear to keep you prisoner, there is no reason, that is valid, you have a right to live a life free………..but it is down to you, you may wish to blame a certain situation or circumstances that will have a degree of responsibility for your fear, but you are the one that can stand up and fight, face it and fight it and remove the fear you have created in your mind, the same way you allowed it to create is the same way you can allow it to fade and you can overcome it, and continue your life, become un-stuck ,become free and live………accept it for what it is on and keep going.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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