We all need and deserve a good night’s sleep, and the way we place our bed, the furniture, colors the lighting and the temperature contribute to us being happy and sleeping well they influence in our good life and lifestyle

The color scheme that we choose is very important, the colder colors can be more relaxing and give us a sense of depth if used on the walls, however the warm colors will activate us, when used on the walls….. they will create an optical illusion of the space being smaller., Lavender, mauve beige grey are relaxing colors, white and nuetral colors allow for many combinations, which is always useful, we should choose the color according with the style we wish to put into the room, you will find that scandinavian, mediterranean zen are more minimalist and tend to be on simple lines, natural materials and relaxing.

When we plan our bedroom, we should be looking to mainten as much space as possible, try to have furniture that fits the room,(size wise) wardrobes, drawers and chests will always help to keep your space in a good tidy order. It’s important to be able to open all the doors and drawers without difficulty and choosing what suits you, your lifestyle and personality, It’s also interesting how we position our bed and the bedhead, when we position the bedhead towards the north, you are making a magnetic connection with the earth, another positive point is to have space at both sides of the bed to walk freely around the bed.

When we talk about the lighting it is always recommended that the light be relaxing, soft and a little defused, small table lights are ideal for this or maybe wall lights above the bed head, when a light is projected onto the wall, it will create an intimate and relaxing flow of light. The temperature at night, should be kept not to warm in the summer and not to cold in the winter, if it is possible to regulate the temperature it is advisable during the evening and night period as this will help to achieve a better night’s sleep and also helps with your electricty savings!!

Never forget that for many your bedroom is your refuge, your special place… it allows you get away from things for a little while…..other details maybe the time to go to bed, if it is possible, leaving your door open always help the air to flow in a better form, and also favors a better energy while resting, good ventilation always creates a better and deeper sleep. Try not to take work into your bedroom, if you have to, always collect and leave tidy when finished, don’t let it stress you when you are about to sleep. Plants are a must have in bedrooms, they allow to perfume and to purify the aire and can also be found to be relaxing.

Always take into account natural light, the size of the room when choosing your color, mix and match attractive tones.

Sleep well, happy dreams and may they all come true……..

Brooke Universal Life Coach







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