So, what is it inside that makes us think? it’s TODAY….. and why not, do you have those days when you know, it’s time for things to change, you know you want it, and you even feel that others are getting what you want……….. well, STOP right there, because there is nothing in between you and your dream life, accept for YOU……

You have probably heard this a thousand times, but it is true, the life you have, is the life you have “chosen” you may not think that,but if you have a quiet one to one with yourself and take back all the covers you have covered yourself with and you may start to agree with me, what you believe is basically what you get, you have to find a new courage, you have to find that courage you have for others, what would you not do for your children, your parents, you see you have what it takes, but you don’t always apply it for yourself, why would you not give to yourself everything, there is nobody more deserving, but for some reason we hold back, now this can be consciously or unconsciously …..but whatever we need to let it go, and we need to go for the life we really want……… It is a perfect time, this is a month of rebirth, new beginnings and that includes us……..

You have to come to terms with the experiences you have in life,they are the thoughts and feelings you have given out, whether you know this or not, life does not just happen it is infact kinda following your thoughts and feelings, everything in your destiny is in your hands, now that is a big responsability but it is true, and this enables you to really create the life you wish, if you have the courage to do so and to believe you hold that power over your life, this is where many of us fall down, we are weak regarding the believe behind this…….and have difficulty understanding the magic we can create within our life.

If you feel that it is to late for you to make that change, you could not be more wrong, everyday is a new opportunity for us, regadless as to what as gone on previously for us, we can start again and have our new beginning, why not choose the life you really would love to have, now many of you will question this, but if I told you that maybe until now you have been judging and giving everything a name regarding the bad things in your life? You lose the notion of time and how wonderful your life could really be, sadly we tend to zoom in on the negative in life and not so much the positive, now if you could make a conscious effort of disregarding negativity as much as possible, you would see things suddenly change around you, you are blocking the things which distract you all the time, and we start to stray from our purpose in life, love has to be at the top of your list, love is a wonderful thing and is stronger than any other emotion, if you are without a partner, don’t despair, if you have love for yourself, your family friends, you have love in your life, so one good step in your life would be to choose all the things in your life that you love and don’t choose the things you don’t.

Never be afraid to seek what youwant in your life, when you see what you love, feel the love for that object, when you see it, it is life presenting it to you, how you feel in that moment is what is going to bring it into your life, if you feel envy jealousy you are taking yourself out of the possibilities to create for yourself, when life presents you with these things you are being given a choice, love it, enjoy it, it does’nt matter who has what, life will present everything to you, love it, feel the love you have inside, by doing this you are bringing the same thing to you and your new life…..

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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