Can you relate to the quote above, and if not, why not…..? We are being put to the test at the moment, I have been reading various blogs and facebook posts and I know that some of you are going through very difficult times and for varied reasons, obviously watching your life’s work and savings slowly dissapear can be very soul destroying as they say, but this is where we need to act, recuperate from the shock…. then we have a job to do, we need to adapt…..survive and strive………, this is not the first set back we have suffered, I am sure, but the biggest,I am not going to disagree, but we can’t give up, no matter what, think of your why, partner,child,parents…….YOU, you owe it to yourself, because once you are back on the road, the people who depend on you or are around you will start to feel secure and start to look towards the future.

Never give up, start to find your confidence again, I know that maybe it has been given a knock and you are not feeling how you use to, but giving in and letting it win, is not the answer, it is tough times we are living through, difficulties we have to face, but let it make you more determined to start again!

Although you may be very tempted don’t run away, it is a race you will never win, take a deep breath and look it in the eye, fear can be faced you have done it before and you can do it again, face it, work through it, it may take a while but each day will make you feel stronger.

Many of you have not lost your business or living, but feel the stress levels of the whole situation, you may have let your business go a little, why ? ….due to restrictions on your freedom, this is a small price to pay, others have lost everything they have worked years for, due to those same restrictions, these kind of situations can be very trying for us and we all react in distinct ways, but you have to help yourself as much as you can, again think of your why, everything is worth paying a price…… if you can continue to work during these times, think of the amount of people you may be able to help, to encourage, to give them the strength and courage that is needed to start something new in their life, think of all the good you can do? If you are suffering you will be aware of the feeling they are going through, may be they are alone, it is a long and lonely road if you are alone, but you and them can do it…. (it is better alone than being beside bad company) times are changing and we must be prepared to change with them, don’t fight it, go with the flow as I always tell you, join this new trend of working, may be it is from home, with friends, join forces and battle through, think and adapt your talents where they will fit, there are many opportunities at the moment, although you may think the opposite, when one door closes, another door opens……keep going, keep strong and remember it is never to late to re-invent yourself…..

Universal Life Coach




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