How much time do you spend in automatic mode, may be you think you are saving time and thought, or may be you are creating alot more work ahead, you see automatic thinking is may be fine on very mondaying chores, and can be that way, the method works, however if you stop to think of various situations you have gone through or are facing, it is how you have reacted or will re-act that will give you a positive or a negative outcome. It is all related to how you feel and which kind of a frequency your feelings are when being transmitted on, for example if you don’t have enough money, you are not going to be over the moon, you are likely to be in negative mode, and this is what will stop you from changing your circumstances and this will create more financial difficulties, you see , you have gone virtually onto automatic mode, we do it without a thought, however if we start to re-train our thoughts, the power of feeling good which is really quite remarkable, is not acknowledged by everyone, you need to take control of your feelings and control them instead of letting them slip onto automatic pilot, as they say……………you cannot go through life feeling good and feeling bad and not realizing that you are creating this by their feelings, and that this is the cause of what happens to them, you see when you give out negative feelings you simply get more negative feelings back to ponder on, which create negative circumstances, its like living within a hamster wheel, being unable to get off, the only thing that breaks that motion is positivity and good feelings, you have to change what you are transmitting…..

Every moment, every day is an opportunity to change out life, what we have and what we have around us, we control this with our feelings and it will influence every area of your life………………….when there is an area in your life, where you are unhappy, think about it, don’t just automatically react as you always do give it your time, and realize that you have around you what you have created in your thoughts and feelings, change your feelings and thoughts and your life will change, be brave and courageous, feel what you really want to feel…..

“Do not waste one moment in regret, for to think feelingly of the mistakes of the past is to re-infect yourself”

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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