What do you imagine to be the unspoken difference between those who struggle and those who have it all………………….So, how do you get into a wealth vibration and from a place of empowerment?

A wealth vibration is abundance, and of course the first thing you have to have very clear is that you already have the power to create your desired life, and know that with no doubt, whatever has gone on in your life till this date has no influence what so ever on your future, so what can you do and how…………forget about the how, just concentrate inicially on what you want the how will take care of its self, the other thing you have to know, again very clear, is where you start, you do not have to know where you are going to finish……you finish where ever you may choose, there are many reasons for this, but the principle reasoning is that your goals will become bigger and bigger as you progress, you may not realize at the beginning how far you can go.You will be amazed at how far you can go! when you accept and decide that your life is not always going to be the way it is at the moment, you can have it all, you just need to embrace your wealth vibration…….start to connect with people who think how you wish to think, these are positive people, surround yourself with this kind of person, don’t speak continually of what you don’t have, you are not a victim or coming from a place of scarcity, you are positive and know what you want, change your mindset into what you can and want to achieve, hang out with the right people, this way you start to change to their energy vibration which is extremley contagious, start to adapt new habits into your life, habits that will bring your mindset nearer to what you want in your future, changing habits on a daily basis, will very soon become your normal behaviour, you will do and think things automatically, this in turn will evoke your emotions, these new habits will activate your emotions that correspond to your new life style, once you keep on this repitition, in a short period of time you will have it, people like to be around you, you have a good contagious vibration and people feel it.

Everyone has the power to enhance their abundance, Abundance is available to everyone, unlock your mind and change your mind.

Live a life you deserve and understand it is your birth rate, just apply a little everyday and put it into an action program to catapult you to the life you wish to live.

Brooke Universal Life Coach







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