How many times do you lose sleep or your time worrying about a situation that is totally out of your hands, we all know that it would be foolish on our part to totally believe that if that is the case, our minds should be free, there are certain circumstances in our life that don’t allow us to do that, although we would many love to, so, if we move away from that drastic situation for a second and try to imagine more run of the mill daily problems, we would be doing ourselves a great favor in believing exactly what is said above, you see sometimes we tend to worry about things that have many moons away, not been in our hands, and we hang onto them forever and a day, these are usually things from the past it can be a family upset or a relationship that went wrong, or maybe something you did’nt say and now it’s too late, whatever it is you should use the above and set your mind free, you deserve to be free of what spent alot of time occupying a space that is needed for more important matters.

If you imagine your mind full of very heavy rocks, all written on with the thoughts that keep you up at night, or never leave your thoughts, imagine them weighing you down with every step you take, if you were to sit in a quiet place of your own choosing, somewhere you feel happy and safe, and slowly started to read your rocks one by one, what do you think will happen, if you give each rock sufficient thought and realize it is time to let it go, and using your imagination place it down in front of you, giving each one the time it needs, you finally have a pile in front of you and not within your head, you should instantly feel much lighter and less stressed, life is short and you should make the most of the time we have, we deserve to be happy and content, life will always give us problems but how we handle them defines how well we feel and progress,

To enable us to progress, we must have clarity and balance that is what keeps us stable and in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings, when we learn how to deal with the situation’s that occur within our daily routine and learn how to let go of what at times can trouble us, we have learnt how to set ourselves free, to have a mind free of past events gives us that extra push to move forward, we are told that everything happens for a reason, and that things happen when it is the right time……….

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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