We are all here for a reason, and one of those reasons is to get along with one and other, some people we like more than others but we are here to relate to one another, if you thought for one moment that you were here alone, just think no conversations, no passion,no interest to do anything because you would be alone, when we have the urge to travel,even though we may travel alone we enjoy seeing the different cultures,languages and people, who we interact with in different degrees,if we were here alone there would be none of that, nothing to see, nothing to learn, nothing to be passionate about.We do infact during our life time have many different types of relationships, personal and professional,and each one is different with our parents we have a relationship that forms the way we are,sets are values and general behaviour,with our siblings we have another and with our peers yet another,these three relationships combined could form greatly who we are,or who they want us to be? This is where your inner self steps up and in, putting the extra touches to you as a person and who you want to be. If you are your own person you will find that you get along with most people, your relationships in general are good, because you choose your relationships on the terms that suit you best, I previously mentioned that some people we like more than others, when you are your own person you will know how to handle the people and situations that confront you during your life, you will know how to have patience and respect for the people that do not fall into your favourite list, we will always have people in our lives that go on this list,but, how we handle it will shape your life for good or bad, its like food some you like and some you don’t, you don’t react  violent or badly to the food you don’t like, you just avoid that food and considerate it as not your favourite, but you still know its basic good food, people are the same, if we tolerate all the different types with due respect and consideration , we can go through life in a happier more stable way, why should we become uptight and stressed about this,(we don’t over food ) so we could save ourselves from this by simply changing our out look on our favourite and not so favourite people. Life is short,you know what they say,we come this way but once, so why not make it the best time we can ? If you consider how much time we could use and pass us by with these kind of relationships, we could shorten this by simply changing our way of thinking. Your life would then flourish with good relationships,because you would have so much more free time for your favourite relationships,this is mental free time, your mind becomes free of negative thoughts and ideas and your new positive thoughts take you on to  greater levels,you will feel a better understanding,compassion and kindness,you will find that the little annoying things you once felt have gone and you have discovered a new part of you that was always there just waiting to become who you really are…………………….Try it

Brooke Universal Life Coach






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