We are all here for a reason, and one of those reasons is to get along with one and other, some people we like more than others but we are here to relate to one another, if you thought for one moment that you were here alone, just think no conversations, no passion,no interest to do anything because you would be alone, when we have the urge to travel,even though we may travel alone we enjoy seeing the different cultures,languages and people, who we interact with in different degrees,if we were here alone there would be none of that, nothing to see, nothing to learn, nothing to be passionate about.We do infact during our life time have many different types of relationships, personal and professional,and each one is different with our parents we have a relationship that forms the way we are,sets are values and general behaviour,with our siblings we…

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3 Comments on “YOU AND YOUR RELATIONSHIPS……………………………………….

  1. I get really sad when people just cut people out or make no effort. I love my family even some doesnt consider me as one i always try to reach to them. I have some really good friends thats like family.


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