The Alexander technique

The reason behind this technique is to reach a state of active conscious, regarding the body. With the help of a professional you can learn to modify your movements when you walk, sit, lie down, lift objects and even write at a computer. You normally find that you have been using more strength than necessary in a lot of the movements and automatically use movements that can bring us chronic tension.

Feldenkrais Method

Many postures and movements can show problems within the nervous system, for example people who suffer from depression can find they have curved shoulders and spine appearance, thanks to the exercises used in the Feldenkrais Method, students can identify this habit and correct it, which helps with control over their moods. This method is also good for back pain, joints, osteoporosis and fibromialgia. It also helps sports injuries of all kinds.



This is actually more than 70 years old, known then as Intensive Swedish gymnastics, which allows in a short period of time to work on the muscle tone with a big effect. It also gives the student a good education into posture in and out of the gym. Each exercise is repeated 5 to 10 times. The movements are short, but well controlled, which gives strength and stretch for the muscles without looking like a body builder.

Middendorf Therapy

People who follow this therapy say that  it is one of the best breathing tools, to make a change in an individual . Each person has  their own breathing rhythm and it is very different from that of your finger print.With this as a guided therapy in a class of approx one hour and a half , we can achieve excellent breathing using the healing powers that are at times hidden from us.


Diafreo Therapy

The diafram is a muscle which separates our breathing organs from our digestion organs, and can be considered as the key to the entry of emotional problems, seen as muscle contraction, in any part of the body,through the practise of breathing exercises and movement techniques, a person can achieve with time a rhythm as when sleeping, it will correct postures and help the functions of your internal organs , it can also help to release blocked energy .


This is a soft chinese form of gymnastics, which any age can do, the object of Tai-Chi is to exercise the body and create harmony between yin & Yang. To learn the basic movements, you will need approx 3 months, The Chi-kung is also an oriental exercise which helps to flow the chi, or also known as vital energy of the internal organs, via determined postures meditation and breathing.



This method is recommended for stress, migraines and asthma . The reasoning behind bioenergetics is that stress and trauma is left printed into the muscles. For this reason , if you release the tension accumulated in these areas, it also clears the mind. 


A discipline of thousands of years, helping people through posture exercises and breathing techniques, it provides the body with flexibility and helps to calm the mind.

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  1. On e big difference from a relaxation point of view between Tai Chi and yoga in my experience is the amount of standing Ao because of my creaky knees , I prefer yoga.

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