Around the World, tonight at different times, we will all welcome in the New Year 2021, for some it is a happy time and for some a little sad as we miss our loved one’s who are not with us to share this event, whatever the case we should welcome this year, full of illusion’s and love, I have decided to post this blog today, to give us all time to think about those 12 chimes and what they could represent to us, we wait all evening for these 12 chimes, and wow in a flash we have counted, we have eaten our grapes, lentils and many other customs we have around this wonderful world, (Here in Spain, it is custom to eat one grape for each chime ) it may sound difficult, but practice makes perfect, as with everything in our life. We hug, kiss and give our good wishes to everyone around us, we grab our phones and call and message to loved ones who are not with us, at times a difficult task, but, finally, we make that connection…. our connection of love across the frequencies of the universe, so, with so much to fit in, in such a small amount of time, I thought maybe we could reflect a little earlier, and hold those thoughts with us, this is what those chimes could mean to some of us;-

  1.   FORGIVE.. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing to be able to do and to be able to receive. When we forgive we release ourselves of a weight we are carrying, to forgive we go forward with the correct mindset and inner happiness, and when we are forgiven we can also go forward with a happiness that is felt deep within.
  2. TOLERANCE.. We really should try to be more tolerant with our loved ones and people that we have daily contact with. Some of us have tolerance in us when we are born, but, some of us need to incorporate it into our daily life, when we go about our life and come across people with a low tolerance level, we are usually not impressed, we can be shopping, we can be enjoying a nice meal in a restaurant, we can be seeking help in education, information etc., and we have to deal with a person of this nature, when this happens, remember what it is like, and the next time you feel your tolerance level has dropped think of that moment, for sure you will automatically increase your tolerance and only want to please.
  3. STRESS…This is a big one, we would all love to live without stress,and some of us deal with it really well,but if stress is something that brings you down and you find difficult to deal with, try stepping back, step out of your stress and try to see it from the outside looking in, at times we can see a very different picture, and this will help you to bring your stress level down a little, deep breathing is also a good therapy, when you feel your stress levels going up, sit down, try to put yourself into a calm state and breath as deep as you can, when you let the air out,breath through the mouth and let your stress go with it,softly blow it away, this will not resolve the problem, but it will make you feel better, stress, sadly is part of our life and I honestly don’t think that anybody out there is stress free, but if you know that certain people or situations create your continual stress then it is up to you, to take control and through dialogue work it out and try to reduce the stressful continual situation.
  4. LISTEN… Listen to yourself and everything around you, when we listen we can learn so much, no matter who it is, even if you are not interested in the subject at hand, you can learn a lot about the person who is talking, this is how we form our personal opinion’s, to have the ability to listen to another person is a great gift and one you should cherish, there are times in our life, when all we really want is to be heard, to be listened to, it really can be a miracle cure for some, we have to realize that some people sadly have no one to listen to them, so if you ever have the opportunity to lend your ear for this service, do so, with love and care, and if you have someone that will listen to you every time you wish, always remember how blessed you are, to listen is so beneficial to everyone, we learn we grow we become better people.
  5. LEARN…Learn everything you possibly can, today it is so easy to learn new techniques, a language, arts crafts, whatever you wish can be found on the internet to help you prosper and enjoy your life, we can learn for fun, we can learn to go further in our education we can learn for our career we can learn, simply because we want to, most towns have a public library if the internet is not your thing. We can also learn many many things for free, there are many government-run courses, that are at no cost. When we learn we are giving ourselves the opportunity to grow for our own benefit and for those around us, there is no age limit or medical condition that can stop you from learning, learning has never been so easy as this present moment.
  6. FEAR…Fear is a terrible thing, I am not referring to horror film fear, I am talking about the fear that some of us have, just simply to live a normal life, fear to speak up, fear to feel inferior, fear to eat or go outside, when we live with an inner fear, we are reducing our life happiness by a great degree, we should learn to let go of our fear, we are unique, we are talented, you are you and nobody or no thing should have the ability to make you feel fear regarding yourself and your surroundings, we can work on confidence, we can work on shyness and you can certainly work on fear, many people have fear of the word NO it is two letters, one N and one O, whether we take this into our professional or personal life, a NO is fine, all we have to do, is to find another way, to get to where we want to be, or obtain what we want, if we are afraid, imagine how much time you could waste trying to avoid the word NO, No is quick and quite painless, it’s over and done with within seconds, and you have all your time back to choose your next way, you can also incorporate it into your vocabulary, “NO i don’t want to do that or No I can’t” really not difficult but some find it impossible to say, give it a try, you just might be amazed at how easy it is.
  7. POSITIVE FRIENDS…Positive friends should be high on your list, when we are surrounded by positive friends and people, it helps us with our positive mindset, it is not possible to be always with positive people but it certainly will help you if most of your daily contacts are positive, it keeps us on that positive frequency, which is where we need to be to achieve what we want in life, obviously when with negative people it is the same result in reverse…… try to keep your company positive whenever possible and keep working to where you want to be.
  8. LET IT GO…I like to use this term when talking about the luggage we carry with us, generally, from our past, it really is like taking a knapsack full of boulders, you pick it up, place it on your back and of you go, the rest of your life with that weight, that you really don’t need or want. Think, how can you possibly be happy or look forward to the future at half speed, you are not yourself maybe not even half yourself, this weight will way you down and in some case’s even finish you of, so let it go, it really is time, the time is your decision if it’s one day, one month, one year or 20 years !!! The important thing is, it is your time……to let it go… and move on, move forward (You are the only one who know’s what you carry) if you need help doing this, try to imagine this knapsack full of boulders and slowly take one by one, talking your way through what it is you are carrying and say GOOD BYE, let it go… this is your life, and life is to be lived to the full, take control, live your life and let it go…………
  9. GUILT…Guilt has a funny way of lingering, lingering for a long time, nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, so what are we saying nobody can make a mistake and recuperate or even change depending on what we are talking about, guilt can be felt for many reason’s and sometimes it is not even necessary for this feeling, again we should talk this through, when we talk especially in a conversation one to one, we can take away so much guilt, through the reasoning of two people talking, things are not always what they seem and maybe the guilt we feel, has no room in your life anymore
  10. SET BIG GOALS… Set goals that scare the life out of you, the bigger the better, there are no limits here, if you can see it, you can have it, never forget, you control your life, it is all down to you, have faith, believe totally, and go forward to obtain what you want in your life, never spend time on how, the universe will set this for you, but know what you want, take action by moving toward it and watch the magic happen, things will come to you, things you need, the information that will take you a step forward, just keep your dream in your mind, visualise it, every opportunity you have, set that goal, go for that goal, reach your goal in 2019.

11.RESPECT…Respect above all else, to others, to elders,and most important to yourself, when we respect ourselves we pave the way for others to respect us, respect should be part of who we are, in every aspect of your life, without respect society does not go round, it does not function in the correct way, and sadly we see this in the daily news everyday, yes, we have our new found freedom of speech, which is correct, we should be able to express ourselves without fear, however if we speak with respect, the results of many things may be different, never leave your respect at home, take it with you where ever you go, when we give respect we receive respect.

12. GO WITH THE FLOW… Go with the flow, this does not mean that we have to agree with everything, quite the opposite, with your ability and the Laws of the Universe and using the Law of Allowance we are allowing the person or situation to be, we do not agree on the subject, but we allow the situation or circumstance, this way we are not in conflict with anyone and we have inner peace, which is very beneficial to us. Take your Law of Allowance into 2016 and use to the best of your ability.

Today is the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE HUG…. So may I take this opportunity to send you all a tremendous hug, and thank you all for the support I have received this year 2020, I am so looking forward to 2021

Brooke Universal Life Coach

18 Comments on “THE 12 CHIMES OF 2021…..

  1. WOW! This is the best post I have read today. Until now, I had never heard of the 12 Chimes of 2016. I love the 12 reflections so much. Hugs to you and yours on this almost day of 2017. Happy New Year…each and every day!!!


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