Around the World, tomorrow at different times, we will all welcome in the New Year 2017,for some it is a happy time and for some a little sad as we miss our loved one’s who are not with us to share this event, what ever the case we should welcome this year, full of illusion’s and love, I have decided to post this blog today, to give us all time to think about those 12 chimes and what they could represent to us, we wait all evening for these 12 chimes, and wow in a flash we have counted, we have eaten our grapes, lentils and many other customs we have around this wonderful world, (Here in Spain, it is custom to eat one grape for each chime ) it may sound difficult, but practise makes perfect, as with everything in our life. We hug, kiss and give our good…

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1 Comment on “THE 12 CHIMES OF 2016…..

  1. I was with an Italian lady yesterday who told me about eating lentils for prosperity! This was new to me too 🙂


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