Well here we are, Christmas again, how does it come round so fast, is it really nearly 365 days ago that we were at this point, however there is a strange thing about Christmas we do it year after year, yet we never quite seem prepared…….. how does that happen, so this year lets really make a plan and stick to it and slide into Christmas, happy stress free and ready to enjoy……even if the whole family is coming to you, it can be done even if we work everyday

prepare for christmas

This is definitely a list project, so pen in hand and away we go, this is my way ….. I have a list with my Christmas Menu and everything I need to buy for that, some things I buy way in advance and other products nearer the date, include everything here including serviette and candles etc., I then make another list of what I wish my table to have this year, its theme and what I need to prepare or clean beforehand, and of course I have my Santa list, with all the presents I would like to give…. now the secret here is not to tackle everything at the same time

prepare for christmas 2

As you purchase, food decorations or gifts etc., I cross them off as I go, obviously the sooner you start this the better, I have to admit I am probably around 90 % done, this also includes a list of what I wish to do with my home, everything goes on my list……I find it great for me, as I do not forget anything and it enables me to work at my own pace, it will work for you as long as you don¡t write your list 2 days before christmas… the sooner you start the sooner you finish and your nervous system will be very grateful, when we put ourselves up against the wall it is the worst feeling in the world and generally under great stress things do not go as we wish, another little secret I have is when present buying is the person in question, we need to buy from their point of view and maybe even what they have suggested, they do this for a reason, it is something they need or if they are children, they have their heart set on it, so if we buy what we think !! they are not going to be very happy …… and disappointed thinking Santa has not heard their wish,  although I also feel that most people are very grateful for any gift that we give if it is given from the heart, especially little gifts we make ourselves. So there you have it, try when possible to prepare in advance as much as you can, enjoy this time of year including the preparation, keep calm, relaxed and have fun.

prepare for christmas 3

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