Relationships – A connection, association  or involvement. Relationships – The way in which people relate to one and another. Long Term Relationships – Intimate interpersonal relationship, people together for a long period of time. When a relationship is serious, it’s common to define it as a long term in order to qualify it’s significance. Forms of committed relationships are close friends, courtships etc.,

Long term relationships – Are based on many things, we have many different kinds of relationships during our life, parents, brothers, sisters, family in general, work, hobby etc., but, probaly the most important to us is our most personal relationship with our life partner, for this to be successful various factors have to be right, Trust is high on the list, if you do not feel 100% trust, then maybe this is not the right relationship for you, trust incorporates honesty to be who you really are, and not the person the other would like to see, honesty to express what we truly feel and say, you should be able to express yourself freely and not with fear or anxiety, many people can do this in their place of work, but in their home space, never express themselves how they would like to be heard, this is a bad situation, because this will accumilate and finally explode in one place or another, and affect the relationship. Compatability is of the same importance, this comes within a block of four physical/Intellectual/Emotional and shared activities, What type of person are you within this relationship ? does the communication between you, make you feel good and happy or doe’s it place you in the depth’s of despair, How do you handle conflict within the relationships, do you block and hope it just disappears under the carpet, do you talk it out and reach your conclusions, maybe not agreeing, but freely expose how you feel about the matter, and are still good together, because the respect for your opinion is considered at all times, the same applies here with external adversity, you can both take care of each other, but with different opinions on various subjects, and of course we must not forget compatible financial values or do you have to hide when you spend without the consent of the other, do you have seperate accounts as well as one in common, to avoid such conflicts, where you share all out going expenses and have the freedom with anything beyond that. When we consider a relationship, many times we do not think of the above items, but they need to be looked at, beyond the inicial love and passion a relationship can bring, at the beginning of a relationship everything is looked at as fine and wonderful, when real life takes over and obligations kick in, the better your base for this, the better the relationship can be and stay. Hoping for great relationships in 2021





Brooke Universal Life Coach



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