HO HO HO ….It is that time of year again, how time passes really quick, some of you may be a little bit closer to your goals, some of you not, and some of you will have obtained everything you really wanted.If that is the case, congratulations keep doing what your doing, the reason you have obtained this is due to you taking action, at the opening of your opportunity, and your alignment……….. that great word that everyone talks about, but not what everyone gets, it is important and you do need to fully understand, we all want to get on have abundance and prosperity in our life’s, but, we have to understand that this is not only wealth, it can be your relationships your connection’s to other’s, your life connection in general.

Christmas sparkle wish

Holiday’s are alway’s a time when we feel the true meaning of connection, people feel lonely more than any other time of the year and we long to be in a loving caring relationship, we feel sad because maybe we want to give  and share and deal with all the normal household bills etc., as well, so when we send our message out to the universe you are probaly doing it from a place of lack, and your wish becomes a plea, this is a sure sign of coming from lack, can you understand this ?  So when you are ready to send out your wish or wishes, wait until you are in the perfect situation, this can be when you are happy, you feel inner joy, maybe you are watching a film, that might set the mood, you can remember a funny situation with friends which brings a smile to your face, any experience that makes you feel good, is an ideal time to throw that wish out to the universe, it is not only what you say or think it is the energy you are feeling as well, by now you probaly feel a close connection with the universe, so talk to the universe as you would a friend, “don’t you think it would be great to, (have, be,love ) your desire” “I would love to (have, be ) your desire” There is no lack of anything in this conversation it is a normal one to one conversation, you would feel relaxed and at ease, giving out a good energy (vibration). This is your chance to finish the year on your terms, you will lose absolutely nothing by giving it a try, you know and believe you can do it, so what are you waiting for……….Here’s to a happy life in every sense of the word.


Brooke Universal Life Coach






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