Are you aware of words and the power they hold, one word can change another person’s or your own whole day…. words can be so extremly strong that they can create or they can also destroy, so the importance of us choosing the words we use are priority, I have mentioned many times, once they are out there we cannot retrive them…… your words can help or harm how another person see’s you or themselves… we all encounter different types of situations and people and at times those situations can lend perfectly to words we have to say and at other times our silence will equally explain what we feel, silence can explain many things, and not one word is spoken.

At times we need to suit the action to the word or the word to the action, one word can mean so many things…. however we are surrounded by people who will not hear you regardless of how much, how loud, how truthful, how loving or how profound you speak, wish them well and let them go……….

Now, how good and explicit are the above words, think before you speak…….your words are yours……

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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