You are probably not aware that your brain actually changes every time we learn something….can you imagine, It’s an interesting fact, just think how many changes it has gone through, it must look like spaghetti junction!

The great thing about what we learn is that it can never be taken away from us, you maybe never thought about it that way before, but it is very true, yet another wonderful part of how unique we truly are, as we all learn in different ways, some quicker than others but the important fact is that we get there, we never stop learning in life as it just never stops giving and teaching, we have to learn to be able to grow as people, we should never stop growing, its an amazing thing.

It is a great gift to be able to learn, we don’t always see it that way, particularly when we are younger!! then we have to go a step further and develop a skill to learn …..and well to learn ………really is a choice, if your not willing to learn, it is no one’s fault,and if you really want to progress, no will be able to stop you.

We can and do learn every day we always need to be alert and take in what the day delivers to us, at times knowledge can bring you opportunities that make and can give you the advantage and difference you may need. What we learn along the way is what we become, what we learn with pleasure we never forget, so finding a fun and enjoyable way to learn is always the way to go!!

Never let yourself get held back in your past, it has gone, but use what you have and know to power yourself into the future.

Life is not being rich,being popular,being highly

educated or being perfect. It is about being real,

being humble and being kind………..

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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