Why do we cry, most people relate it to sadness, but there is more than one reason,crying is a natural emotion to feelings, yes, it can be attached to sadness and hurt that we can not always explain,but it can also be attached to an object of beauty, a piece of music, a kind memory when we cry for these reasons, we have kind of let are guard down, our defenses are not as strong as normal,we may watch a film that has no personal connection to us at all, a documentary on cruelty to animals, and there we are reaching for the kleenex, it can even be watching our children’s or grandchildren school performance, the guard we let down is attached to our inner most feelings deep deep down within ourselves.

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Crying does have it’s purpose, an emotional purpose we built ourselves full of energy,filling up with feelings, when we cry we release that built up energy and some of us will feel better after this,people always say let it out, you will feel better after a good cry, however if you are on the verse of suffering a depression, this will not be the case, you can at times actually feel worse.

When we cry, it’s like our little friend on the inside, telling you it’s time to release,it’s like a safety valve, we are being told that something is not right and the emotion of wanting to cry is your warning bell, it can be inner frustration, stress,or on the down side it can be wanting to get the attention of some one in particular, this is not the way to go about it, if you need to talk to someone to sort out a relationship that you feel is not right, or you are struggling to get over a loss or just find coping with things in your life at that moment go ahead, talk and if the tears appear that’s fine,but when you use the tears to get attention, this is not right, you may even find that people will take pity on you, and therefore will not be able to resolve the real reason why you cry.

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The benefits of crying is that we release stress harmones and toxins from the body, if we use it the wrong way, as a social gain, what you are actually doing is manipulating the person that is in front of you, this could be some one you love dearly so you have to think do you really want to do that, talking out your problems in a adult comprehensive way is always better and the possibilities of things or situations to be resolved will be much greater, women actually cry more than men, some men find crying a weakness, they are most certainly wrong, it can be a great healer,remember today is today yesterday has gone and tomorrow is yet to come, so if we cry continually over the past, we can never move forward, everything takes it’s time, so no time frame can be set here, but inside we know when enough is enough and if and what the situation is and if and would the reason for this situation want you to be that way, you need to get over hurt and pain, and take the benefits a good cry can give you . Some people take crying as a vulnerability if you are the person not crying,but are being cried to, try to support that person, listen and try to understand,a warm cuddle is not always the solution, this depends on how well you know that person, people don’t always cry to those they know best.

Brooke, Universal Life Coach





5 Comments on “WHY DO WE CRY……………………………………………………

  1. hola, me a gustado mucho como esta dicho , muy bien escrito en pocas palabras… yo se, que cuando me viene las lagrimas es porque l’émocion es fuerte de felicidad como de tristeza . Llorar es un alivio cuando podemos hacer lo …. Gracias de hablar de tantas temas de cada dias…..

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    • Gracias, estoy muy contenta con la gente cuando pueden conectar con mis temas de cositas de cada dia,es por esto como llegamos a comprender uno el otro,como somos realmente, espero que puedo continuar con cosas de interes gracias como siempre por estar ahi……………………….los comentarios de mis lecturas son muy importantes y mi encanta recibirlos


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