Why do we cry, most people relate it to sadness, but there is more than one reason,crying is a natural emotion to feelings, yes, it can be attached to sadness and hurt that we can not always explain,but it can also be attached to an object of beauty, a piece of music, a kind memory when we cry for these reasons, we have kind of let are guard down, our defenses are not as strong as normal,we may watch a film that has no personal connection to us at all, a documentary on cruelty to animals, and there we are reaching for the kleenex, it can even be watching our children’s or grandchildren school performance, the guard we let down is attached to our inner most feelings deep deep down within ourselves.

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Crying does have it’s purpose, an emotional purpose we built ourselves full of energy,filling up with feelings, when…

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  1. Many years ago, I watched this movie called: “Cry For Happy.” That’s why I cry mostly because something “happy,” has touched me deeply. I just let a few tears bathe my eyes as they wash my soul from the inside out. Refreshing! 🙂


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