So, after  weeks of motivation, how is it going, are you motivated and have you found what motivates you most, it can be the most insignificant thing you do day in and day out, and you have just realised or it could be something new that you have just felt, but know it is making that difference. 

motivation week 1

We could walk the dog, a lovely walk outside, feeling the fresh air, seeing nature at it’s best, up close, hearing the birds, seeing the fallen leaves, noticing the change of season, and then of course don’t forget about the dog, lovingly trotting along next to you, the way they look at you, with such unconditional love, those beautiful eyes that tell you everything, any of these things could get your motivation going, it’s that breath of fresh air, you needed, wipe them cob webs away and your geared up to take on the world !


We could read a book, in a nice quiet corner, a comfortable chair and a nice cup of coffee, relaxed and at peace, when you enjoy what we are reading and become involved in the content, we go into another world, to be so focused is excellent for us, because when we have finished our reading time, and come back to our own reality, we are relaxed, and ready to take on our daily chores, the motivation is there, again to do, to prepare, to be part of whatever you need to do ……………full blast ahead.


We could be cooking, If you are looking to boost your relationship , making a perfect meal, your favourite food and fabulous dessert, then the table, with extra care, perfectly set, beautiful linens and colour scheme, fragrance candles set at different heights, to just reflect the perfect light, knowing you have prepared the meal with love, time and patience, with the excitement growing for the meal itself. If you are looking for motivation in your relationship, this is a great way to get it on the go !


We could be doing anything, this is where I am going with this post, motivation can be found within and we can bring it out more at times, by what we are doing, a fun day with children, pets, shopping family our home garden work passion and much more, can give us motivation, our family is a strong one, if we can’t find motivation for them, we want everything for them, 


BUT, never forget yourself, you are worth your motivation more than anyone ! Motivate your motivation for YOU!


You need to do this for yourself now, today. Life does not wait for anyone !

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