Keep that motivation going !


So, after a week of motivation, how is it going, are you motivated and have you found what motivates you most, it can be the most insignificant thing you do day in and day out, and you have just realised or it could be something new that you have just felt, but know it is making that difference. 

We could walk the dog, a lovely walk outside, feeling the fresh air, seeing nature at it’s best, up close, hearing the birds, seeing the fallen leaves, noticing the change of season, and then of course don’t forget about the dog, lovingly trotting along next to you, the way they look at you, with such unconditional love, those beautiful eyes that tell you everything, any of these things could get your motivation going, it’s that breath of fresh air, you needed, wipe them cob webs away and your geared up to take…

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